Pääsiäismuutto - I've moved!

Olen muuttanut - sekä blogin osoitetta että vähän sisältöä :) Lennun tekeleet jää tähän, en siirrä näitä kirjoituksia, mutta en myöskään poista niitä. Lämpimästi tervetuloa nurkkaani!


I've moved my blog. You are very welcome to read and comment! However, I will write mostly in Finnish, as most of my readers seem to be Finnish and writing in two languages is so much more work :) I will continue writing about my stitching, but also about my other hobbies like reading.

I know there are couple of very dear English-speaking friends out there, so I will write some words in English at least every time I post photos of my stitching! Also when I read books in English, there will of course be some English text. If you ever have questions about something I've written in Finnish only, please ask and I'll be happy to explain. Welcome to my corner!